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How to Hack Pubg mobile use Termux ( 2022 )


Many messages that I receive about the topic of hacking the PUBG Mobile game, and I have previously suggested many ways to hack PUBG in all the ways the hacker uses, but there are some beginners who do not have strong knowledge in the field of hacking and programming hacking scripts games prefer easy ways that do not need complications and anyone can He did it to hack Pubg accounts, so I wanted to give you an easy way to hack Pubg accounts through fake pages, even if you do not have experience in making those pages, but we will use a tool to make it easier for you to hack Pubg vip through the Termux penetration application.

How to Hack Pubg mobile use Termux ( 2022 )
Hack pubg

How to Hack Pubg mobile use Termux ( 2022 )

The PUBG Mobile game is one of the most interesting and most famous mobile games ever, and it is very similar to Free Fire Hacking Termux. Everyone loves Pubg and often spends long hours playing with friends. It is a cooperative game that brings together several teams to fight between each other and the team that stays to the last game He will be the winner, and although the game of Buggy is a game for fun and spending time, everyone aspires to get a very strong account that has all the weapons and housing and also wants to hack Buggy’s tugs, and this is very difficult unless you charge in the game and pay huge amounts or you want to hack accounts pubg via termux

Of course, there are many ways to hack a pubg vip, but what I will show you through this article is the way to hack a pubg via the termux application, which we explained a lot in the Shadow Hacker blog, and it is an application that you can download and install hacking programs and tools on your smartphone without the need to have A computer and it is very easy to use and if you do not know what the termux application is, you can see this topic that separates and a full explanation of the termux application.

Termux Phishing Hacking

The method that we will explain today works on all accounts and it is also possible to hack PUBG mobile accounts for the iPhone. It has many advantages and disadvantages as well, and the easier it is, the success rate of hacking becomes low compared to other methods, but it remains a rather serious method and deceives many people who do not have experience in the field of information security and penetration testing.

What we will do is create a fake page similar to the PUBG website through the pubg Phishing Hacking tool, and we will upload it to the termux application, then when it is finished, a link will appear to us. All we have to do is choose the victim and then send this link to him as soon as he writes his email and password. Send it to us directly, so we have hacked the Buggy account with ease.

How does pubg hack on termux work?

Update and Upgrade Termux App. Install Git. Install Tool.

Run All Command

pkg update -y

pkg upgrade -y

pkg install git

git clone https://github.com/OnlineHacKing/PUBG_BGMI-Phishing.git

cd PUBG_BGMI-Phishing

chmod +x *



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