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How to hack whatsapp free ( 2022 )


 Hack whatsapp account In this wonderful article, we will learn about all the methods used to hack WhatsApp and hack accounts, and the WhatsApp application is one of the most influential applications in the world and the Arab world and the most used in communication and many are looking for How to Hack Whatysapp How to hack WhatsApp so today we will summarize the most important things Or the ways that you can spy on the WhatsApp application and find out what the person is doing and who is messaging, and is there really a WhatsApp hack through the phone number, this article will certainly be useful to you.

How to hack whatsapp free ( 2022 )

 How to hack whatsapp free ( 2022 )

Yes, you can hack WhatsApp and spy on it, and there are many ways that enable you to hack a WhatsApp account. Some of these methods are easy, and you may have heard about them before, and there are some ways that are difficult, and you must have great experience in the field of information security in order to apply what is in the article and there are easy ways It is very paid, because we will use the most important monitoring applications, which are usually for monitoring children and families, but we can use their features and characteristics to hack WhatsApp.

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There are several ways you can hack WhatsApp

     Spy on WhatsApp chats via mSpy app
    hack whatsapp via whatsapp web
    Hack WhatsApp by accessing the victim's phone
    Using monitoring software to hack WhatsApp
    WhatsApp loophole Hack WhatsApp by phone number

hack whatsapp via whatsapp web

This method is considered one of the easiest known methods, as it does not require any experience in the field of information security or experience in the computer, and you may know it, but in the past, when you used to hack WhatsApp via WhatsApp web, a notification would appear to the person you were watching that someone was watching conversations on the web and in Mostly, the method was not very secure.

But with the latest WhatsApp update, WhatsApp hacking has become possible in the web way. It no longer appears to the person you are watching that someone is watching you, except when he goes to the WhatsApp web option, then he can see whether someone is watching him or not or he opened conversations via the browser, and the way is easy Very, all you have to do is take the person’s phone invisibly and go to the whatsapp web via the browser and you will be able to monitor it invisibly.

Hack WhatsApp by accessing the victim's phone

Hack WhatsApp by accessing the victim's phone

A few days ago, I explained the way to hack WhatsApp and withdraw conversations and decrypt them through hacking the phone, and through this method you can withdraw the entire conversations, photos and videos, but it must be in the victim’s root so that we can bypass the encryption and withdraw the conversations and read them and this method, although it is very effective and useful However, it only works on Android phones, not iPhones, although it is possible to bypass the iPhone encryption, but it is difficult to find a version that matches the vulnerability.

The way is to hack the phone first, then move between files, skip WhatsApp encryption, withdraw conversations, then decrypt and read them. We have previously explained the way to hack phones in all possible ways.

Using monitoring software to hack WhatsApp

One of the easiest ways to hack WhatsApp is by using family monitoring applications, which are very effective and do not need any experience in the field of penetration testing, and one of its advantages is that you can monitor the phone completely, that is, you can spy on WhatsApp conversations and know the contacts, messages and whereabouts of the monitored person, and this may be the best feature In such applications, it is not exposed, meaning that the person does not know that someone is watching him, but when the spy application is installed, it completely disappears from the phone and you can only find it by certain steps if you want to delete it.

One of the most important applications that gives you these features may be an application called clevguard, and it works on Android phones and iPhones, and you have many advantages from monitoring children and family or for a better married life free of infidelity. It may be very suitable for wives to monitor their husbands, where they go or with whom they communicate .

Hack WhatsApp through loopholes

How to hack whatsapp free ( 2022 )

You may be wondering, is it possible to actually hack WhatsApp through a loophole when it actually exists? Of course, it is possible to hack whatsapp through the gaps, and they are present, of course, and there was a loophole titled WhatsApp Vulnerability CVE-2019-11932 WhatsApp version 2.19.244
It was a loophole that could control and hack the WhatsApp account by sending an attached picture in the conversation and making a reverse connection.

But this loophole has been closed and no longer works, and one of the most important reasons for the lack of many loopholes is that loopholes finders often report those loopholes to earn money and do not publish them to the public, and some of them discover loopholes and sell them or use them for personal use, so it is very difficult to have The WhatsApp loophole or even any application is published for everyone, so the methods that we explained above remain the most efficient and easy and do not need any great experience.

Hack WhatsApp through a phone number

This question may be the strangest question that comes to me. In fact, I am constantly asked, is it possible to hack WhatsApp through a phone number! , Of course, it is not possible to hack WhatsApp through a phone number, such as calling a number or sending a message to the phone number, but we can take advantage of the phone number to hack the mobile completely and then access WhatsApp, you may ask how this is done? The matter is simple, we can take advantage of the phone number by hacking the mobile completely by mining an application and uploading it to an application download platform and then sending it to the victim with the use of social engineering
These were the most important and best methods that you can use to hack WhatsApp and there are no other methods currently, but perhaps in the future new methods will be discovered and of course we will be the first to publish about them.

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