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termux all command Explanation of some termux commands and how to use them In this post, I will provide you with an explanation of all the commands of the Termux best android terminal emulator, and how to use it. You can also see an explanation of the most important commands of the Termux application Commands of the application of Termux for the system ALL TERMUX COMMANDS From this article all commands of the application of Termux All termux commands



termux all command First of all, let's get acquainted with the Termux application, what it is used for, how to use it, download the tools, and explain the most important commands in the Termux application. Run tools that do not have a graphical interface (Script Tools) such as tools programmed in the language: Python, Perl, Ruby, Shell to a brother. Also, the application does not need the permission of the manager (root)
That is, you can use it for testing such as Kali Linux.

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But of course, it will not give you the power of Kali Linux, termux all command  although the use of Android is limited and computers are not enough so far.. And through the Termux application, you can download test tools with ease and find that you are good at using Linux and understanding commands and what you use for that. I wanted to write this article about all termux commands.

How download and installing the Termux application on Android

termux all command

termux all command  First, we download and install the Termux application from the Google Play Store, and you can download the Termux application directly from here Termux
Or through the bottom of the page at the end of the article in the download section, and you must first make sure that Termex is compatible with your Android version. If it is too old, you will not be able to install it.

  After you download and install the Termux application termux all command , open it to start using it and install the important tools to test and install the most important tools and we will explain the application, but rather complete, so do not worry
When you open the application, it will appear to you as follows:


Before we do anything, we must explain what appears in the main application interface as we note in the first line there is a welcome message, then 5 lines containing information about the developers and how to communicate with them, then we notice 4 lines containing the most important commands, which are the basic commands in the application termux all command

    First command which is pkg search

This command is intended to search for packages, where you type the command, followed by the name of the package you are looking for, for example

    pkg search python

Now we move on to the next thing

    pkg install

This command is intended to install packages and tools in various fields, for example, we install the git package

    pkg install git

and then followed by the order

    pkg upgrade

This command is intended to install updates, and it is preferable to do updates every certain period


This command is intended to help and display all commands of the Termux application

After we learned the work of each of the previous commands, we move to the most important stage, which is to configure the Termux to be an environment capable of running tools. First, we update the packages through the command

    pkg update

Then we update the Termux application to download and update the required packages so that you can download the tools without any problems you may encounter in the Termux application

    pkg upgrade

Then we install git packages to be used to install tools from GitHu

    pkg install git

Now we install the python translator in order to make the tools programmed in this language

    pkg install python

When the python installation is finished, type the following command

    pkg install python2

Upon completion of the installation, you will be able to run the programmer's tools in the python language

Download and install Test Tools on Termux

Now that we know some important commands for how to deal with the Termux application, now we will explain how to install the most important test tools on the Termux application to start the advanced in various fields
Now we install Tool-X Kali Linux Tools

        git clone https://github.com/Rajkumrdusad/Tool-X

Then we will write these commands in order and separately

    cd Tool-X
    chmod +X*
    sh install.aex

Now that the tool is installed correctly and to be able to open the tool, type the following command


Then we install the Termux-kalinetHunter tool

    git clone https://github.com/Hax4us/Nethunter-In-Termux
    cd Nethunter-In-Termux
    chmod +X*

Then we install Lazymux Tool

    git clone https://github.com/Gameye98/Lazymux
    cd Lazymux
    chmod +X*
    to open the tool
    python2 lazymux.py

These tools that we have installed, through which you can download termux all command  and install all the Kali Linux tools and the tools through which you can do a test, as we mentioned previously, the Termux application provides you with many advantages, that is, you can as if you were using the Kali linux distribution

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