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ethical hacking course ( 2022 )


 If you are a fan of learning hacking, ethical penetration testing and information security, then in this article I will present to you another set of certified ethical hacker certification courses, which we are constantly publishing on the Shadow Hacker website. And not only that, by learning the ethical hacking course, you can find many jobs in the field of information security, and it is a very sought-after field in the countries of the Arab and foreign world.

ethical hacking course ( 2022 )

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Through these free courses, you can learn to use the linux system, get acquainted with the most important tools of penetration testers, learn the penetration testing of web and network applications, and learn the basics that guide you to the right path that you must follow in the field of information security and penetration testing. I also advise you to watch ethical hacking courses and courses from scratch ( 2021).

Certified ethical hacker 2022 course

There are many useful courses in the field of information security, but one of the best courses for anyone who is beginning in the field of hacking is to learn the certified ethical hacker course. I advise you to view the Courses section, as there are many specialized courses in the field of information security in Arabic and English.

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