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Hack WhatsApp in a very easy way (2022)


 Hack WhatsApp in a very easy way (2022)

One of the most searched things in the Google search engine is to learn how to hack WhatsApp account and how to read conversations and spy on WhatsApp in more than one way. This article will talk about hacking WhatsApp in a very easy way, meaning that anyone can easily implement this explanation, regardless of whether you have sufficient experience in the field of cybersecurity or not, meaning the explanation will be very easy for you.

Hack WhatsApp in a very easy way (2022)
hack whatsapp

 Among the most powerful methods of hacking WhatsApp, the method of phishing or what is known in the phishing attack is among the most cunning methods that deceive many victims. The victim uses it, but everything is hackable, even the iPhone, which is one of the most powerful operating systems, and its vulnerabilities are very few compared to the Android phone.

But this introduction is not to explain how to hack the iPhone, for example, but I tell you that even social networking applications such as WhatsApp are also capable of being hacked, as they are similar to any other application. Experience in hacking.

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Hack WhatsApp by phone number

After we learned about the following about the WhatsApp hack method, we will now make a practical explanation of how to apply the real method to hack whatsapp. We will first need some tools that must be present in your smartphone, whether Android or iPhone, first we will need the Termux application for hacking and it can be installed easily Through all the termux commands to hack in order to be able to install it without any problems and also you must know the commands of the Termux application in order to learn how to deal with it.

After you install the Termux application and install important operating tools and programming languages ​​such as python and others, we will now install the WhatsApp hack tool through the phone number, which we will use with all its features, and the hack whatsapp tool can also be installed on its Kali Linux distribution if you prefer to use a computer or a personal computer.

WhatsApp hack commands by number

WhatsApp hack commands by number
hack whatsapp

  • apt update
  • apt upgrade
  • apt install git
  • git clone https://github.com/Ignitetch/Whatsapp-phishing
  • apt install php
  • cd Whatsapp-phishing
  • php -S localhost:8080
When you install the tool, it will automatically install the important operating requirements to start the process of hacking WhatsApp. Just put the letter “y” when it asks you to do so to complete the installation process. After that, you will send the link that will appear to you to the victim whose account you want to hack WhatsApp must be used with. Social engineering to convince him to enter the link.

But you must also install ngrok on the termux application if you want to hack outside the network, and after the victim writes information, you will be able to hack WhatsApp easily.

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