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Facebook Auto Report 2023


 Facebook Auto Report It is now very easy to report on the Facebook account automatically without the trouble or giving any effort by using some tools and scripts that save us time and effort. Any account and close it, no matter how strong, only all we will need is the ID of the Facebook account and also the automatic notification script on FB.

Facebook Auto Report 2023
Facebook Auto Report 2023

 Facebook Auto Report 2023

The Facebook Auto Report 2023 tool is used to report and permanently close Facebook accounts. This tool sends reports on the account, whether impersonation or violation and other reports. It is also very fast in reporting the account, so it can do Auto Report 30 times per minute, meaning it is faster Significantly large manual notification, and the chance of closing the Facebook account permanently depends on the history of the account creation and also the lack of interaction, the less interaction there is, the greater the  auto report facebook chance of closing the account.

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How to use Facebook Auto Report

Using the reporting script on the automatic Facebook account Facebook Auto Report is very easy. All you will need is an operating system such as Termux application, or you can use any Linux distribution you prefer, such as the Kali linux distribution for hacking, and also, as I told you earlier, we will need the Facebook account ID to be used in sending Reports auto report facebook .

    Termux hack app
    Facebook account ID website
    Facebook Auto Report Tool

Install and use Facebook Auto Report

The way to use and install the tool is very easy, as I told you, you will need the Termux application to hack and you can use it on your personal phone and it is very important to have it on your phone, just copy the commands on termux and put them in the terminal in order facebook auto report.

    apt update && apt upgrade -y
    apt install git python -y
    git clone https://github.com/KasRoudra/autoreport
    cd autoreport
    python3 en.py

After installing the tool, copy the Facebook account link of the one you want to report and put it in the lookup site to extract the Facebook ID facebook auto report.

That's all, and if you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us through the comments and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Download Facebook Auto Report

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