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Collecting phone number information OSINT tools


 Peace be upon you, follow the Shadow Hacker channel and blog, if you are looking for a way to find out all the accounts on social networking sites linked to a specific number and to know all the important information about the mobile number such as the name, emails and accounts on Tik Tok and Instagram linked to it, this article will be of benefit to you, as We will share with you a wonderful tool that contains powerful features that allow you to collect information about the victim in order to hack it or to use it in other things that benefit you

Collecting phone number information OSINT tools

 Moriarty Remastered V4.1.2 tool is one of the tools that was created with the aim of collecting information about phone numbers and returns to whom and knows all the basic information about the owner of the number, these tools help you with several things that you can use for specific goals, but they are often used for the purpose of moral hacking or for other reasons It is also important as it is able to extract comments from accounts, social networking sites such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and other accounts.

You can also find out the owner of the number and his full name, and sometimes you can find out where this person lives by using the network towers near him and give you a specific perimeter to know the area closest to him, and it also provides you with many other advantages and features that you can take advantage of and is considered one of the most powerful OSINT tools

Features of Moriarty Remastered OSINT tools

You can find the owner of the specified phone number
    You can fetch important information such as the email address and the full name of the owner of the number
    You can find out the accounts linked to the phone number on social networking sites
    Search for comments on social media
    And many other features

Install and use Moriarty Remastered OSINT tools

    sudo apt install git -y

    git clone https://github.com/AzizKpln/Moriarty-Project

    cd Moriarty-Project/ && bash install.sh

    bash run.sh

Moriarty Remastered OSINT tools is a very powerful tool for extracting information about people and phone number on the Internet. It allows you to choose all the features or features you want.


Download Moriarty Remastered OSINT tools 

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