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Best Phone Hacking Apps (2022)


 Best Phone Hacking Apps (2022)

The cell phone is one of the most prevalent smart devices for the year 2022 and in our time, hardly anyone but has a mobile phone is used in many matters such as making phone calls or browsing the Internet and social networking sites Tik Tok and WhatsApp and chatting with friends, but there is another category that has a phone Mobile is interested in the field of information security and ethical penetration testing and wants to hack or use hacker tools through the phone, so I will show you the best hacker applications on the phone 2022.

The most powerful hacking apps on the phone 2022

There are many applications on the phone, whether iPhone and Android, specialized in the field of penetration and information security, and all of these applications have certain functions that save you time and effort and give you many advantages and characteristics, for example, you may find applications dedicated to checking for open ports and also checking sites and servers for security holes and even there are applications Hacking the Wi-Fi password via the WPS feature and many applications that you did not know before, but there are hacker applications on the phone that distinguish it from the rest of the other hacking applications that you will usually use continuously.

It also provides you with great features that prevent you from using tools or even programs, all using the mobile phone. There is also the term “creating a penetration lab on your computer and computers.” You can also apply this term in your phone. It is one of the most famous applications that hackers use on phones, and through the application you can hack WhatsApp or Instagram and Tik Tok accounts.


Best mobile hacking apps 2022

After we got to know the importance of the applications that the hacker uses and the features, let us now get to know some important applications that you will often need, and they have many functions such as scanning and making an SSH connection, as well as command terminals. You can install external tools from Github, check and hack servers and other great applications.


Termux hack app

Termux is one of the most famous and best penetration testing applications on the phone, and deservedly, it is a terminal application based on Linux and it is open source. Through this simple application, you can download and install penetration testing tools, which is very similar to the Kali linux distribution, and programming languages ​​can also be installed. Such as Python, PHP and other popular programming languages. Not only that, but SQL tools as well as Haydra and other tools found in the Kali Linux distribution can be installed.

It is also important to learn all the commands of the Termux application in order to be able to know its use and also the correct way to install termux ‘on the phone, and it is a wonderful application that cannot be dispensed with for those who are interested in the field of hacking and mobile penetration testing.

IP Hacker Tools

One of my favorite phone penetration testing tools is IP TOOLS, it is a tool that is classified as a "network security" tool, that is, a specialist in network networks. dns, fetching information about sites and servers, and many more features and features, and perhaps the best features of the IP Tools tool.

     Check port networks and websites
     IP check
     It is used for information gathering
     Check router and hack wifi
     One of the best network apps

Network Analyzer phone hacking app

The Network Analyzer application is one of the most important networking applications, which is also classified as a network security application. It scans the networks that are adjacent to you, as well as the networks you are connected to, and through this application, you can discover weaknesses in the network and analyze the important data in the penetration testing process.

And you may think that the Network Analyzer application is a normal application, but let me tell you that it is not an ordinary application, but rather a wonderful application in the true sense of the word. It performs scans through the famous and well-known nmap tool for every hacker and penetration tester.

Best Android Hacking App for Android Hackbar

Andro Hackbar application is one of the best phone hacking applications that have been used frequently and is considered one of the best applications that is very important to have in your phone if you are a fan of penetration testing. subdomin and scans for common vulnerabilities such as SQL INJECTION, XSS and other vulnerabilities.

Droid SQLi Android App

The Droid SQLi Android application is one of my favorite and powerful applications. It is an application dedicated to penetration testing operations of all kinds, and it performs accurate site checks and checks for pages that contain security holes that lead to hacking the site, and it is a very popular and well-known application.

The most powerful phone hacker applications (2022)

There are many, many other applications such as the wifiphisher application dedicated to hacking wifi networks using wps feature, and there is also a way to install metasploit on the phone, and also the Mobile SSH tool that makes a connection to the devices, as well as not forgetting the Sqlmap tool, which can be installed through the Termux application.

In fact, there are many, many important applications that have a lot of uses, but I may have mentioned to you the most important applications found in the Google Play Store, which can be downloaded and installed easily on your phone.

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