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All Commands Termux to Hack


All Commands Termux to Hack

All Commands Termux to Hack

Termux is one of the best mobile penetration testing applications, as it allows you to do a penetration test through your phone only without the need to use a computer and contains many countless features, including that it works on all mobile versions and you can download all known and famous hacker tools and do not forget that it is easy Use and does not require any experience in the field of hacking and penetration testing, so it is very important to learn all the commands of the Termux application for hacking.

What is Termux and does it really hack

The Termux application is an open source application based on Linux. You can install the Termux application on your mobile phone and install multi-use tools and scripts, that is, it does not only apply to hacker tools only, you can install multiple programming languages ​​such as Paython, php and other programming languages ​​and do not forget also scripts that contain Certain tasks. It is a terminal through which multiple commands can be executed for a specific purpose. It is somewhat similar to the Kali linux distribution intended for hacking, but the individual in the Termux application is that you must download and install each tool separately and manually

But the question is, does Termux really hack it? The answer to that is really no. It is not a hacking application. As we mentioned, it is a command terminal, meaning that you can install the famous hacker and hack tools through the Termex application, but you can also install famous Linux distributions through the phone, as it runs all the scripts and tools that you make or even can be downloaded From the famous site github.

What are Termux commands and what are they used for?

Of course, if you want to use any program, you must master its use and often look for explanations on YouTube about how to use the program or application, and the same is true with regard to the Termux application. TERMUX COMMANDS In order to be able to use it correctly, it is not like Windows or any other application that carries a graphical interface, but any movement you want to do must write a specific command such as moving between files, downloading, going back, deleting a specific file or creating a folder.


After we learned the importance of learning all Commands Termux commands, it is very important to share with you the most important commands that you can use within the application, and perhaps the easiest thing for you to learn commands is through a really wonderful application that contains the best Termux commands and the best tools that can be installed in your phone through the application, The application contains a lot of features and characteristics, including all Termux commands and the ability to copy commands directly, and also contains the most important hacking tools and a lot of features.

Download all Commands Termux

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