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free app maker without coding


 You must be looking for a way to create a professional Android application so that you can profit from it and take advantage of its features without having to learn programming and writing codes, which usually takes you time and effort in creating a professional Android application, in this list we will learn about the best sites that allow you to create an application New without programming or writing codes, free app maker without coding, and profit from free applications and upload them to the Google Play Store only in very simple steps, and through the article we will learn how to create a commercial application.

free app maker without coding

In light of the spread of the Internet and smart mobile devices, especially Android, it has become important to learn how to create a commercial application on Android and profit from it through Google Adsense and upload it to the Google Play Store, whether you want to create a professional application for profit or any other use, you must learn to create an application on a store Play and share it with others all over the world

You can make various applications such as applications for prayer or supplications or even cooking and entertainment, and you can create professional game applications in just a few minutes with the help of specialized sites that create the application for you

How to create a business application

You can create a commercial application, such as creating an application for the delivery of orders, or even creating a profitable commercial application for a specific idea or project, such as selling food commodities or vegetables and fruits, or delivering orders such as Karim and Talabat that are known internationally, and the matter does not limit you only to creating profitable applications, but you can create a mobile application using a company Create applications for a song, your website, or anything you want. You are free to choose the project you want to present

Websites for creating commercial Android apps

There are many sites that offer you the service of creating a new Android application, and each site has characteristics and features that differ from the other, and it also provides you with the possibility of making an iPhone application without the need to learn programming, as we know that the programming language to learn is somewhat difficult and you must master the language designated for application programming javascript But with these sites you will not need to learn any programming language.


goodbarber is an android app creation site

goodbarber is one of the best sites to create a free professional application. It has great features that are not found in any other site dedicated to creating applications. It is able to make a commercial application for both iPhone and Android. You can also activate Google Adsense ads in the application and profit from applications as you can Upload the application to the Google Play Store for sharing by iPhone and Android users.

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appyet site to make an application on the phone

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and free site to create an application on the phone, the appyet site is the perfect choice for you, as it is one of the first sites that provided a service to create free applications without learning programming.

The appyet site contains the ability to create various commercial and entertainment applications and also provides you with the ability to activate Adsense ads with activating the best advertising companies to profit from the application.

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appsgeyser site

appsgeyser is also one of the sites that contain a lot of features to make a free app maker without coding, it is completely free, and it will be the perfect choice if you want to earn money through google adsense ads. .

You can also create a professional application from scratch and add ads for other companies. You can create an application for your own web site or for an investment company, or you can create an application for various social networking pages.

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