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How to spy on WhatsApp using WhatsApp Web


 After we previously published about hacking a WhatsApp account in all ways (2022), it has become worth mentioning that we are making a topic about how to spy on a person’s WhatsApp and what are the tricks and effective methods in order to take advantage of the WhatsApp Web spying method to hack whatsApp web anyone, even if he has experience In protection, and is there a spy program on WhatsApp, or can WhatsApp be spying on via a mobile number? All of this we will learn about in an article about hacking WhatsApp.

How to spy on WhatsApp using WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp web is one of the services of the WhatsApp company, which allows you to view WhatsApp conversations through the browser, whether Google chrome or Firefox, through the whatsapp QR code, which is a passcode or browsing a specific page and allows you to log directly into your account in WhatsApp Which allows you to run WhatsApp on a computer, Playstation, or any other device that has a browser feature.

The WhatsApp company is very keen to make it easier for WhatsApp users and other devices, so the WhatsApp Web feature has been added for computers and laptop users to enjoy the advantages of WhatsApp and view conversations and messages between friends through the browser, although this feature is very useful, but it can also be exploited through spying on WhatsApp.
How to spy on WhatsApp conversations for free

After we got to know the most important features of whatsApp web, let us learn how to spy using WhatsApp Web and what is the easiest way to spy on WhatsApp. Or WhatsApp Web, which is one of the very easy methods that anyone, even if he does not have any experience in the field of hacking, can apply and benefit from.

The method lies in spying on WhatsApp via the mobile number, meaning that you will need the victim’s mobile to be able to spy on WhatsApp conversations. First, you will need to log into the official website of WhatsApP WEB.

     Open WhatsApp on your phone
     Press Menu or Settings and select Linked Devices
     Click Connect device
     Point your phone at this screen to scan the code

WhatsApp spy software

You can also download the WhatsApp Web program on a computer or laptop without the need for a browser by downloading a spy program on WhatsApp, you can download the program through the official website of the WhatsApp company, which eliminates the use of the browser, which is not preferred by some, so if you prefer a WhatsApp spy program web You can download it directly.

However, how to spy on a person’s WhatsApp via WhatsApp Web, the method lies in the application of the previous steps, which we mentioned that you must have the victim’s mobile phone to scan the WhatsApp QR code after entering WhatsApp Web, and after completing these steps, you will be able to view All conversations and messages are through the browser, thus enabling you to spy on WhatsApp without spying software on WhatsApp in a very easy way.

WhatsApp Web Spy Terms

In order to be able to spy on WhatsApp and hack it, some important conditions must be met in order for the hacking process to succeed and spy on WhatsApp through WhatsApp Web.

     That the victim's mobile is available in your hands in order to scan the code that appears to you in whatsApp web browser
     The victim's mobile must be constantly connected to the Internet so that the process of spying on WhatsApp conversations will not be interrupted
     If she logged out of the WhatsApp Web session, the process must be applied again

The easiest way to spy on WhatsApp

Spying through WhatsApp Web is one of the easiest methods that can be used, but with that, you want to spy on the victim for as long as possible, and you may not be able to hold the victim's mobile in your hands in order to implement this process, so it is very important to use some tricks to deceive the victim, but How to spy on someone's WhatsApp far away from me?

The trick is to use social engineering with a victim in order to be able to spy on his WhatsApp Web and spy on WhatsApp conversations and messages. For example, if you cannot take the victim's mobile phone, you can communicate with him and send the WhatsApp QR code in the form of an image and ask him to photograph this code to win a prize. A certain or something like that, once the code is photographed, you can hack it easily.

How to protect yourself from spying via whatsApp web

In order to protect yourself from spying on your WhatsApp conversations, you must be careful not to apply everything that we have explained to you personally. For example, do not receive external links from someone you do not trust, and constantly watch the logins in your WhatsApp account and watch the login logs, if any. Any login process for your account, end the session.

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