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What is Termux? How to use it?


 What is Termux? How to use it?

Termux If you are a fan of hacking and interested in the field of penetration testing and programming, then I think that this article will be of benefit to you. That you have some conditions in order to be ready to learn, which is to build a penetration laboratory on the phone or laptop, but in the year 2023 the phone has become the most popular and most used, so today we will learn about the termux application for penetration and the method of using it.

termux commands
termux commands

Are you looking for an application that helps you learn ethical hacking for beginners and start hacking, which also helps you learn programming in different programming languages? Various Linux distributions, the most important of which is Kali linux, the termux application is one of the best applications dedicated to learning hacking for the year 2023, which eliminates the use of any other applications.

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What is termux?

Termux is a command terminal based on Linux. Through the Termux application, linux commands can be executed through the phone command terminal. There are some termux commands that are only for Termux and others. You can use all Linux commands on termux, and as I also told you, you can run all programming languages such as python And other multiple programming languages.

Also, termux is an open source application, and all different hacking tools can be downloaded in all fields, whether tools for checking websites, guessing, or hacking Wi-Fi. You can also modify Termux as you wish, and it also provides you with the ability to download Hacking tools through GitHub.

Some Termux tools are pre-installed, and others may need to be installed, such as the drivers for programming languages. For example, if I want to run a script in the Python language, I need to install the language engine via the pkg install python command.

How to install Termux on Android?

Installing termux on Android is very easy. In the past, the Termux application was present on the Google Play Store, but it is unfortunate that support has been stopped for the application inside the store, and there are some problems, but it is okay if you want to download it from the Google Play Store directly, or you can install termux Updated via Termux F-Droid Store.

     Go to the Termux F-Droid website to download Termux directly on your phone
     Download the latest Termux APK from F-Droid
     Enable the option to allow installation from unknown sources on the phone
     Open termux app to install it
     Install Termux APK on Android

Things to do after installing Termux

There are some important things that you must do after downloading and installing the termux application on Android. Here are some things that must be done, after installing the application, first you must update all termux application packages, solve all problems termux that may be present in the previous version First, you have to open the Termux application, open the command terminal, and write the following commands in order.

     pkg update
     pkg upgrade

The function of both commands is that they update the packages inside the termux application and also upgrade them to fix some problems that you may encounter when installing hacking tools or other tools.

     pkg install git
     pkg install wget
     pkg install python
     pkg install python2
     pkg install python3
     pkg install php
     pkg install nano

The commands that I have set for you now are among the basic things that must be installed after downloading and installing the termux application and also after updating the application, these commands are related to downloading and installing tools, for example the pkg install git command whose function is to download the git package and it is responsible for fetching the scripts from the github site, and other commands are Download programming languages such as Python and Php, in which scripts are usually programmed.

Who can use Termux?

Termux hacks everything
Termux hacks everything

In fact, any person who is obsessed with hacking or programming can use the Termux application on mobile, as it eliminates the need for using any desktop or personal computer, which is usually at astronomical prices, and some people may not be able to have the capabilities to buy a computer to install the Kali linux distribution Also, the termux application is easy to use and allows you to navigate it however you like.

University students or school students can take advantage of the advantages that the Termux application gives you, as it is one of the ideal penetration testing applications, which the application can be used at any time and in any place. Any cybersecurity enthusiast or even a professional can use Termux to perform multiple penetration testing operations. Tools can also be used Hacking through Termux and running programming languages. Python. NodeJS, C, C++, and more.

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