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Top 5 hacking hardware used by every hacker


 Peace be upon you, followers of the Shadow Hacker channel and blog. In this article, I will review with you the best hacking devices used by hackers and penetration testers in different fields. The mr robot series and other films talk about hacking, so I will show you a group of those specialized devices in hacking and penetration that you can buy online.

Top 5 hacking hardware used by every hacker

Hack tools hardware tools are used in many different functions. There are devices to jam communications or hack networks and communications. There are also devices dedicated to hacking various devices such as phones, laptop computers, and ATM exchange systems, such as the Flipper Zero tool that is capable of hacking almost everything, and we will talk about it in the article. That is, these special hacking tools are useful for every hacker who specializes in the field of information security and ethical penetration testing.

Flipper Zero tool

The Flipper Zero tool is considered one of the best and most famous penetration testing tools ever, and although it was not disclosed until a few years ago, it outperformed many well-known penetration testing tools. Flipper Zero can do several functions, including hacking cars and networks, and it can also generate codes Software to hack passwords, and bank cards such as visa and optical signals can also be hacked, meaning that everything that works with technology can be hacked using Flipper zero.

Raspberry Pi

You may have already heard about the Raspberry Pi tool, as it is very famous and known to every lover of the field of penetration testing. The Raspberry Pi is a very small computer like the palm of your hand. You can use it for many things, such as downloading programming languages on it or using it like a real computer and installing Windows or Kali linux, but In the field of Hacking, it is naturally used in hacking operations, so you can program it as you want and add the tools you want from different penetration testing tools such as hacking Wi-Fi networks, websites, etc.

Rubber Ducky USB tool

The Rubber Ducky USB tool is one of the most powerful penetration testing tools ever. Through this small piece, you can hack computers, phones, modern damage devices, and anything that works with technology. The tool works through PAYLOAD scripts that you write in a specific language, such as stealing and saving data directly, and you can also steal Pictures on Android phones, iPhones and laptops.

Dstike Wi-Fi Duether Tool

The Dstike Wi-Fi Duether tool has many functions and can be developed and used in penetration testing. The tool is related to Wi-Fi networks, as it is capable of making DDOS on the network and expelling callers in the network, and through it, it can also hack WIFI networks and extract passwords.

O.MG Cable tool

Perhaps you may see a wire to charge the phone and that it is normal and you do not think that it is an advanced hacking tool. The O.MG Cable tool is one of the most powerful hacking hardware tools. This special charging wire in the phone can be programmed and directly hack phones as well as steal Pictures and data from the phone and make a guess, it is like the Ripper Ducky tool that we have explained.


This was a group of the best hack tools and hardware that you can buy online easily, but you should know that some countries are not allowed to have such tools, so you should make sure before buying.

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