SuperHero 2023

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Welcome to an exhilarating new adventure in the world of flying iron superheroes! Unlike other action games such as rope hero or flying hero games, this cutting-edge iron hero action game of 2023 stands out as the ultimate experience for mastering superhero skills to safeguard the crime-ridden streets of Vegas from menacing gangster mafias. In this immersive third-person game, navigate through the bustling gangster crime city environment, showcasing your prowess as you drive various stunt cars and sport bikes. Embark on a mission to rescue hostages, transform into a superhero, and thwart the nefarious plans of criminals across town.

Walk WASD Jump Space Block Enemy Mouse Left Click Minimap Open E Punch Mouse Right Click amp Number1 Fire Attack Number2 Trail Effect Number3 Sprite Right Shift Flying Jump x Rolling Q